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Mr. White Truly Smokers Toothpaste



Mr. White Truly Smokers Toothpaste combines the lab-tested ingredients such as sodium chloride to protect your teeth hence offering the best oral and dental hygiene from any kind of malicious cavities. Now you will never feel shy about showing off your smile! Mr. White is perfect for sensitive teeth and for those who want to maintain good gum health. Sensitive teeth are one of the major problems of oral hygiene and can be a great problem when you want to enjoy your favorite foods. One of the major symptoms of sensitive teeth is sharp pain experienced when eating hot or cold foods, caused by gum recession or enamel erosion. Brushing daily with Mr. White rids you of the problems faced by sensitive teeth and weak gum health hence giving you the best in oral protection with a brighter smile and a fresher breath.


  • 40gm
  • 70gm
  • 120gm

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