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How To Maintain Your Hygiene In COVID



During Covid-19 every individual started taking care of their hygiene, surrounding and their environment. However, the outburst of the virus put every individual at risk of losing family members. The main reason for this outburst was impurities, carelessness, and negligence in maintaining a hygienic environment. However, once you embrace your hygiene and take precautions, you will save yourself from this virus and help others follow your leads. 


Some of the common preventive ways are briefly explained below. It will help you in living a healthy life and protect yourself from viruses and other common diseases. 

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Practice social distancing
  • Wear a Mask or PPE 
  • Use antibacterial solutions

Personal Hygiene 

You may have heard this a million times; however, it’s one of the most crucial elements in human life nowadays. Therefore, to protect yourself from viruses like Covid and several others, you must follow these points.


  • Wash your hands frequently with antibacterial soaps. 
  • Carry Hand sanitizers (small bottles or Sachets). 
  • Do not touch your face frequently. 
  • Moreover, maintain your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice with the best toothpaste in Pakistan.
  • If you have flu, make sure you take correct medicines and stay at home with all precautions. 

Practice Social Distancing

Social distancing means what it says. To keep yourself safe from respiratory droplets of another person, you must keep six feet distance. This suggestion will help you in maintaining your health as well as others. Social space includes holding virtual meetings, conferences and home parties. With this, you must not shake hands or hug each other while maintaining distance. No physical contact is safe for you and your surroundings. 


Wear A Mask Or PPE

Covid- 19 is a respiratory transmitting disease; droplets of the mouth or nose usually transfer it. Therefore, wearing a mask is one of the best solutions in protecting yourself from viruses and flu. However, you must change your mask in 12 hours and not wear a used mask or PPE. PPE is the protection cover for the health workers and other frontliners. It will protect you from carrying the virus on clothes or any other object that you have. Therefore, wearing masks and PPE will save you and your surroundings. 


Use Antibacterial Solutions

Viruses primarily spread through touching and from one person to another. First, however, you must clean your desks, objects you regularly use or pass to another person. Next, you must use hand sanitizers and antibacterial cleaning solutions for floors, desks, walls, and toilets. Finally, you can use Doctor Hand sanitizer to sanitize yourself, objects you touch; so that you are not catching germs or virus bacteria.


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