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Guide To Have A Good Hair Day


Getting healthy hair is not easy; people apply several home remedies and sometimes take herbal medicines to increase immunity. However, all this can be avoided if you follow some essential and unique tips to take care of your hair. For example, several people get confused with whether to oil or not, whether they should condition their hair after a wash or not. Whereas hair spa and saloon suggest 'hair spa', 'oil treatment', extenso or protein treatment, etc. Hence, before you choose anything for your hair, you must understand your hair's texture and requirements. 

For taking care of your hair, you must first modify your diet. Include proteins and iron in your diet with all the nutrients. It will enhance the growth and strengthen your hair. In addition, iron and proteins help your body cells to proliferate. 

What to expect 

While you are taking care of your hair, it is typical to lose 100 to 150 strands. Once you are out of the shower, the first towel dries your hair and avoid combing wet hair. However, if you are running late, then you must carefully comb damp hair. Because they are delicate at that moment, you must untangle your wet hair with a broad toothed brush or comb gently. Trim your tips thrice a year, according to the need to get rid of rough splits ends. 

Haircare Dos

Here are some of the dos for your hair. Please read them carefully and apply them to maintain your hair health. 

  1. Wash your hair thrice a week to maintain the nutrients of hair; if you have dry or oily scalp, wash as per need. 
  2. Whenever washing, you must apply conditioner and serum to protect your hair from dust. 
  3. Always rinse off your hair with cold water after conditioner; it closes the pore of your scalp and shines your hair. 
  4. Let your hair dry naturally. The first towel dries it and then let it open to dry on its own. 
  5. Use a warm oil when you are massaging your scalp. It will ease the scalp blood circulation and help you relax. 
  6. Use anti-lice shampoo once in a while to get rid of lice and their eggs if they are developing unknowingly. 
  7. Take iron and proteins through organic food, and drink more water to hydrate your body and hair. 

Haircare Don'ts

You must avoid the below-mentioned points to sustain hair's health and enjoy healthy, strong thick hair. 

  1. It would be best if you avoided hot showers to damage your roots. To wash off the oil, you must use lukewarm water. Coldwater is the best for conditioner wash.
  2. Try to avoid stress, and stress can become the leading cause of unhealthy hair and loss of hair.
  3. Avoid using chemicals like dying or using extensions. It damages hair follicles and disturbs the growth of hair. 
  4. Try not to use extensive heat-generating machines like straightening, curling on your hair. 


Once you understand how to take care of your hair, you will avoid the heat, hot showers and chemicals. In addition, you can visit a dermatologist for further information regarding your hair and scalp skin.





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